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Certified Life Coach, ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer

Jennifer Turley recognized her gift as a humanitarian at a very young age.  This became increasingly more evident to her as she interacted with the people she worked with, as well as her personal friendships and family members.  She touched people's lives effortlessly with her spontaneous style of humor, candor and compassion - transforming their minds to a state of personal awareness, direction, and most importantly, happiness immediately.   This awareness ignited a flame of passion within Jennifer to find her path or plan to do what she loved most...MAKE PEOPLE HAPPY! 

After various courses of schooling and exploration she discovered that she could best utilize her skills and need for a purpose driven life/career as a Life Coach.  Jennifer obtained her certifications to become a Life Coach at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, implementing the 15 core  proficiencies into her coaching business with confidence and ease.  Her clientele are empowered to live their lives with love, compassion, empathy and patience at all times, ensuring them an enriched and abundant life.  The greatest compliment to Jennifer is a client who no longer needs her services! 

In addition to transforming people's minds and spirits to a healthy and whole state, Jennifer recognizes the wisdom and power behind operating a healthy body as well.  As an ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer, she enjoys sharing her passion for fitness and eating a balanced diet with her clients' that participate in the Robinson Fitness Boot Camps held in the East Valley of Arizona.  The Boot Camps resonate with Jennifer's belief "For the mind and body to be healthy; one must 'exercise' the mind and body." 

Aside from her certifications, Jennifer is also gifted as a healer and intuitive.  The gift of healing, and relying on her intuition, is a great honor that Jennifer feels blessed to share with all of those in need.